QUICKPACK Welcomes you!

QUICKPACK Welcomes you!

Cocktail & Catering Miniatures

Dishes, Bowls, Pots, etc.

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Paper Takeaway Packaging

Bags, Cups, Containers, etc.

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Plastic & Foam Disposables

Cups, Straws, etc

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About Us

Quick Pack is a manufacturer and distributer of disposable food packing products since 2002 in the United Arab Emirates.

The Company is organized to meet the demands of one of the fastest growing sectors in the region. We carry large stock of different products from world class manufacturers and fast Service to our customers.

We have large client base varies from 5 star hotels, Standalone restaurant’s and Catering Companies in Horeca Sector, Hospitals and Pharmacies, Government Entities & Palaces to name few sectors. We also specialize in bespoke logo items such as Paper bags, Single/ Double wall, Ripple, Ice cream Cups, Pizza boxes, Napkins, Sandwich Paper, Wet Wipes, Takeaway Bags etc...

We also have large stock of products like Cling Film, Aluminum Foil Maxi Roll, Microwavable and Black base containers, Cutlery Set, stretch film, garbage bag, bubble sheet, corrugated rolls, corrugated cartons (plain/printed) etc...

Quick Pack’s Strength is quality products, fast customer service, flexibility and consultative Approach.

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